"Deadliest Catch" makes good use of Bon Jovi

Season 5 of Discovery Channel’s top-rated reality series “Deadliest Catch” began last night. The show follows several crab boats and their crews as they embark on one of the most dangerous occupations around.

It’s not unlike checking up with old friends, really. All of the ships featured have been on the show for at least the last few seasons – if not since the beginning. They are the

Northwestern Cornelia Marie
Time Bandit


Already two of the boats appear to be down their captain. During last season the

Cornelia Marie’s Phil Harris
Wizard Keith Colburn hit on the head by the boat itself

while he is diving underneath to look for damage. Yeah, it sounded like a bad idea before he did it.

It’s just the first episode, but already some of the boats are pulling up pots. It seems like in years past they never got to that in the first episode. Just a hunch, but I think that foretells a lot to happen later in the season. From Discovery Channel teasers it looks like a boat may sink later in the year, or at least have extreme difficulty.

The show’s intro has put Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” in my head again. Here’s the thing though: The show’s intro makes for a superior video than the song’s corny, hair-heavy original. Check it out by clicking the links.

Here Here

is the cheesy original.

It’s great to have the show back. I hope to be on a crab boat myself someday (that’s a joke). As someone who suffers severe motion sickness, my first task will be to ask the captain where he wants me to vomit.

| Eric Winkler, The Star