The redemption of Steve-O

Steve-O Lacey Schwimmer


That “something” resulted in another performance on ABC’s “Dancing” this week – thanks to fans’ voting. It’s probably safe to say it led to judge

Carrie Ann Inaba

giving him a “seven” this week.

Now, my wife would rather watch paint dry than the show Steve-O is famous for, “Jackass.” But, when watching “Dancing” recently she said there’s something "endearing" about him.

My mom…actually knows who Steve-O


! Hath hell frozen over?

She might


know what he’s famous for – stunts like stapling his scrotum to his leg and attaching leeches to his eyeballs.

Steve-O has (not surprisingly) run afoul of the law over his career. Here’s his

here Lil’ Kim

who is also on “Dancing.” It also demonstrates the frightening amount of plastic surgery she’s had done since these shots.

Anyway, Steve-O had developed quite the substance abuse problem.

Here’s some infamous footage of an

out-of-control Steve-O Adam Corolla’s


It got so bad that his “Jackass” buddy

Johnny Knoxville

had to stage an intervention – which is saying something.

Steve completed rehab, and has been sober for more than a year now. That’s probably why people are rooting for him – we love giving second chances, especially when it seems that people are making an honest effort.

| Eric Winkler,