Dear NASA: Send Colbert into space!

Stephen Colbert

gets his name on the new living quarters at the International Space Station. He won the right, fair and square, and NASA needs to do right by him.

We’ll be watching when astronaut

Sunita Williams

drops by The Colbert Report tomorrow, presumably to announce the new module’s name.

NASA asked the public to name the room at the space station. But then when the public said, “We want Colbert,” they balked, ready to use the escape hatch that gives them final say on the name.

Colbert got 230,539 to write-in his name.

That’s at least 230,538 people who didn’t even know an international space station exists.

So come on, NASA, suck it up. This is great p.r. for you guys.

And Colbert is a way-cooler name than your second-place finisher, Serenity.

Isn’t that an incontinence pad?

| Lisa Gutierrez, The Star