Didn't Joshua and Anna Duggar just get married?

Joshua Duggar Jim Bob Michelle Duggar Anna

, are expecting a baby of their own.

Joshua broke the news to his wife.

“I took the pregnancy test, but I couldn’t bear to look at it because I didn’t want to be disappointed,” Anna explains in the current issue of People magazine.

Joshua kept the positive test results a secret until he could announce it to the whole Duggar clan — oh, and Anna, too. “You’re going to join the Mommy team,” he told her.

We’ll all get to see her growing pains as the TLC show about the clan, “18 Kids and Counting,” follows the couple’s pregnancy. The two got married in September 2008 and the baby is due in October.

No word yet on a baby name. It could start with a J, considering that Joshua and all 17 of his siblings have names that begin with the letter.

Here’s a thought: Justone.

|Lisa Gutierrez, The Star