Summer Glau will be back (we hope)

Summer Glau

(pictured) as the reprogrammed “good” terminator, will also be its series finale.

Talk of the show’s demise seemingly started shortly after the show debuted in January last year, but it’s managed to stick around for 31 episodes over two seasons.

It’d be a shame for the show to be terminated. Friday’s episode was the best of the series – Glau even won a Saturn Award (or at least tied with

Elizabeth Mitchell

of “Lost”) for Best Supporting Actress on Television last year.

One request: If this was the series finale, throw us a bone and wrap up the loose ends in the form of a movie. It was done quite well for Glau’s previous TV series “Firefly” with the wonderful movie “Serenity.”

Besides, “Terminator” interest is likely to increase with the release of

Christian Bale’s

“Terminator Salvation” in theaters next month.

Also, is it just us or does Glau look like she could be

Sigourney Weaver's

daughter? Hint-hint, nudge-nudge, people at Fox. Hand off the "Alien" franshise!

| Eric Winkler,