Hugh’s premature release

Is anyone really surprised by this?

Hackers posted a high-quality, full-length work print of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” online Tuesday evening. The movie won’t hit theaters until May 1.

20th Century Fox said it had the file removed, but copies quickly propagated and continue to appear on several file-sharing Web sites. (Sorry, we're not contributing here to the delinquency of Wolverine fans by telling you where to look.)

The movie focuses on the beginnings of

Hugh Jackman

’s clawed Marvel superhero Wolverine.

In a statement Wednesday, Fox warned that the source of the “stolen, incomplete and early version” of the movie would be prosecuted and said the FBI was investigating.

The studio also insisted that the version of the film posted online was “was without many effects, had missing and unedited scenes and temporary sound and music.”Music? Sound?

Like those even matter with Jackman on the screen.