Stevie Nicks: Shaking things up. Literally.

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magazine the secret to her feeling like she’s on the “edge of 17:” Power Plate workouts.

The 60-year-old Fleetwood Mac lead singer is touring with the group for the first time in five years.

“When I gained my 30 pounds, it was because I went on tranquilizers for eight years. I don’t blame myself for that,” Nicks told


on Monday, the day before her new CD, “The Soundstage Sessions,” and “Live in Chicago” DVD hit stores.

The secret to staying slim is finding a healthy weight you can maintain, says Nicks, now a sleek size 8. “You don’t have to weigh 105 pounds. Weigh 125 pounds and stay there,” she said.

Short, efficient workouts on the Power Plate every other day have helped her keep the weight off.

“I do it every other day for 13 minutes,” says Nicks of the Power Plate, a machine with a vibrating platform that revs up workouts by forcing users to contract and release their muscles up to 50 times per second to maintain balance.

Her other secret to looking so young?

“I take good care of my skin,” she said. “I haven’t laid out in the sun since I was 28. While everyone else is out there burning up, I’m walking around going, ‘When I do look 60, you will all look 100. Enjoy it now because you aren’t going to be happy when I look young enough to get a date and you don’t.’

“I’ll still be going out when I’m 75. Everybody else will be in the rest home!”