Don’t want him on our cul-de-sac

Bob Saget

returns to ABC on a new sitcom, “Surviving Suburbia,” debuting Monday.

He was such the cute dad on “Full House” back in the ‘80s. But this time around, Saget isn’t exactly the guy you’d want living next door.

His character, flip-flop-wearing Steve Patterson, has a love/hate relationship with his neighborhood, and no one really knows what does for a living.

“It’s financial stuff, but he’s like Michael Corleone — we never talk about his business,” says Saget.

And oh the mouth! “It’s really wicked some of the things Steve says,” Saget says. “But he says the things other people are thinking.”

Steve’s also the kind of guy who takes his daughter to Indian Princess play dates, so he can sit around and drink with the other dads. “He’s does have a bit of a drinking issue on the show. We’ll get into dealing with his vices,” says Saget.