A bug’s (sex) life

If you missed the first season of “Green Porno” on, the second one debuts Wednesday.

“Green Porno’ is a series of one-minute movies written, co-directed by and featuring the lovely

Isabella Rossellini,

in which she tells us all about the sex lives of bugs, insects and other creatures of the earth.

Actually, she does more than tell us. She shows us. And if that requires her wearing a skin-tight, skin-colored snail’s costume, then so be it.

Think of it as pocket-sized porno — the films were actually made for viewing on cell phones.

The first season, which introduced us the carnal activities of earthworms, dragonflies and other creepy, crawly things, will went viral online.

In season 2, Rossellini focuses on the “bedroom” antics of sea creatures, including starfish, whales and barnacles.

Rossellini recently told

The Washington Post

about a particularly fascinating sex practice we’ll learn about in this new season.

“The Anglerfish was only discovered recently, and when (scientists) first caught one on the surface, they thought it had a parasite. But actually it was the husband — the male,” she told the


“The male attaches itself to the female and degenerates completely into a sperm bank. It stops eating, it stops swimming. It’s an independent animal when it’s a single man, but once it marries, that’s it. It just becomes a sex organ. Isn’t that incredible?”

Incredible? We have no words.