Bob's back!

Bob Barker

returned to the “The Price Is Right” last week, he was the showcase.

After nearly two years in retirement, the 85-year-old former game show host was invited to come on down to “The Price Is Right” to promote his upcoming memoir, Priceless Memories, due out Monday.

As he walked the halls of the studio, former co-workers greeted Barker with big smiles. The silver-haired host was there to tape a show that will air April 16, where he will present two prize showcases.

One showcase featured a computer to order his new book, a trip to New York City to buy a bundle of the books from the publisher, and a truck to haul them all back in.

We’ll forgive him the shameless plug.

Always the animal lover, Barker spends his free time with his dog, Jesse, and two rabbits, Mr. Rabbit and Honey Bunny. Proceeds from his book will go to the DJ Foundation, which he founded in 1994 to subsidize the cost of spaying and neutering animals.