Reese is kid-friendly

Reese Witherspoon Ava Deacon The Washington Post.

So it’s not surprising that this Hollywood mommy, like so many other moms, is concerned with the quality of children’s entertainment. She, however, is in a position to do something about it, which is why she chose to work back-to-back on animated films.

The first is “Monsters vs. Aliens,” which debuted over the weekend. In it, Witherspoon lends her voice to a would-be bride who is struck by a radioactive asteroid that turns her into a 49-foot woman renamed “Ginormica” by her government captors.

Witherspoon soon agreed to a second animated project, “The Bear and the Bow,” a Pixar film set for a 2011 release in which she gives voice to a mythical Scottish princess.

“Obviously having two young children, it’s nice to be able to go to the movie theater and have a film there that’s OK for kids, but it also has some adult humor it in that kids won’t necessarily catch,” she said about “Monsters.”

“It’s great to do those movies, because I have to watch a lot of them.”