‘The Bachelorette’ gets engaged, but whom did she choose?

After Kaitlyn survived a heart-wrenching rejection by Chris Soules, and then a nerve-wracking night to become the Bachelorette over Britt, she moved forward for a chance at finding love with one of 26 intriguing bachelors. After surviving shocking twists and turns and a journey filled with laughter, tears, love and controversy, Kaitlyn narrowed down the field to two men who despise one another - Nick and Shawn.
After Kaitlyn survived a heart-wrenching rejection by Chris Soules, and then a nerve-wracking night to become the Bachelorette over Britt, she moved forward for a chance at finding love with one of 26 intriguing bachelors. After surviving shocking twists and turns and a journey filled with laughter, tears, love and controversy, Kaitlyn narrowed down the field to two men who despise one another - Nick and Shawn. ABC

Spoiler alert: This story contains news from Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette.”

And the Oscar — sorry, rather the final rose goes to … Shawn!

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season as “The Bachelorette” came to a close Monday night when she gave her final rose (and heart) to Ryan Gosling look-a-like Shawn over love-to-hate Nick.

Her season was filled with drama and controversy, especially when she brought Nick, a contestant from the previous season, on the show as well. She also got a lot of heat for sleeping with Nick when she still had eight suitors.

And Monday night the drama reached its conclusion. Here’s recap of what happened during the season finale:

Mother knows best

The episode started off with Kaitlyn introducing Nick and Shawn to her family. Nick was up first and was taken aback when Kaitlyn told him that Leslie, her mother, knew about how things went too far in Ireland.

Clearly, this guy does not know much about mother-daughter relationships.

Before Nick could hand out the wine and roses he brought, Kaitlyn’s mom, Leslie, started the interrogation.

“Why are you here, Nick?” her mom asked.

Nick explained that he didn’t want Kaitlyn to be with anyone else, and he said he knew they had a deep connection when they talked before her becoming the bachelorette. He later noted that his relationship with Andi was completely different. The one he has with Kaitlyn is much more real, he said.

Kaitlyn’s mom kept bringing up his image from Andi’s season (which wasn't good) and admitted that her opinion of him when watching “wasn’t that flattering.” To her, he was the “weird, possessive guy.”

When Nick had one-on-one time with Leslie, she wanted to make sure his intentions weren’t just physical. But when the idea of marriage with Kaitlyn came up, Nick started to cry.

“When Nick got emotional that showed me his heart,” she said. Although judgmental in the beginning, Kaitlyn’s mom finally came around to Nick and gave him her blessing.

When it was Shawn’s turn to meet the family, he admitted to being nervous since he knew the family’s opinion could be a deal-breaker.

He, too, came with wine and flowers, but he also brought Kaitlyn’s sister Haley a gift for her children. This instantly made Haley a “Team Shawn” supporter.

Shawn admitted to Kaitlyn’s family that his sisters watched her on “The Bachelor” and told him about her. He said he instantly knew he wanted to meet her and even printed out a picture with her heart on it.

Hearing this gave Kaitlyn’s mom goosebumps. But for my mom, hearing this would make her think he was a stalker. Or pathetic. Probably both.

When Leslie and Shawn had their one-on-one time, she wanted to focus on Shawn’s jealousy issues and how he would be with Kaitlyn in the “real world.”

But Shawn was confident in their relationship. He was only jealous of Kaitlyn spending time with the other suitors since he had such strong feelings for her.

“If we can get through something crazy like that, that’s a good sign we can get through anything,” he said.

Hearing this, Leslie said she saw Shawn as mature and confident and was supportive of him and Kaitlyn.

And both parents gave Shawn their blessing to propose to Kaitlyn.

“Absolutely, I would say 1,000 percent,” Kaitlyn’s dad said.

I’m on a boat

Before she made the final decision, Kaitlyn set aside time for dates with both Shawn and Nick.

Kaitlyn took Nick on a boat ride off of Malibu, where they popped champagne and basically made out the entire time.

“I feel like he fits into my life and I could fit into his,” Kaitlyn said of her feelings for Nick.

Later that night, over a glass of wine, Nick thanked Kaitlyn for allowing him to be on the show and sticking up for him throughout the season.

“I’m really happy that you took that chance and you put your life on hold because you wanted to explore this,” she said.

Nick then told Kaitlyn he had a gift for her in his hotel bedroom. He said that multiple times and every time I gagged a bit.

The gift turned out to be a photo from their first one-on-one date in Ireland and a note. In the note, Nick gushed to Kaitlyn how much he loved her.

And I can’t lie, it was pretty cute.

Kaitlyn loved it, as I’m sure any girl would. Her reaction to it, Nick said, was “probably the best sign I could get from her.”

Oh what a night

Shawn’s final date was at a romantic vineyard, but it didn’t start off as well as Nick’s did.

To Kaitlyn, this was a big day for her and Shawn since the other night with Nick went really well. The idea of her having to pick is causing her anxiety, she admitted.

“…I’m hoping this isn’t our last date,” Shawn said, cuddling with Kaitlyn. But things soon turned awkward when both started giving one-word answers.

She admitted that she was not sleeping well, and the next day’s final rose ceremony was getting inside her head. The two didn’t talk much, and it seemed more like a bad, first date.

Also, was anyone else weirded out by Kaitlyn petting Shawn’s leg?

But later that night, still with alcohol in his hand, Shawn was determined to put the awkwardness behind them and be open with Kaitlyn. He let her ask him anything.

Like her mother, Kaitlyn asked about his jealousy. Would be he able to re-watch the show?

“I’m protective of the people that I love and care about,” he said. Shawn said parts of the show would be hard to rewatch, but he’s just going to laugh about most of it.

“Do you think we can keep a long relationship going?” Kaitlyn asked.

“I just want to be a better person everyday and I want to put you over everything else,” he responded.

Shawn gave Kaitlyn a gift, and like Nick’s, it had sentimental value. It was a jar filled with notes, rose petals and items from each of their dates.

And of course Kaitlyn loved it. Even couples who have been together for more than a year haven’t had the memories her and Shawn had in two months, she said.

OK, Kaitlyn. Keep telling yourself that.

“I feel like we can get through anything and looking at Kaitlyn’s eyes tonight just sealed the deal for me,” Shawn said.

But despite how well her night went with Shawn, Kaitlyn was still torn. And the idea of breaking someone’s heart made her break down and cry.

“I’m in love with two guys, and two guys are in love with me,” she said. “And it’s hard to know that no matter what I’m going to hurt somebody.”

The (second) cut is the deepest

Damn. Getting rejected twice on national television must be brutal. But Kaitlyn rejecting Nick might have been more brutal for viewers to watch.

Because Kaitlyn waited until the very last second to dump him. It was like watching a car accident you saw coming and you couldn’t look away for even a second.

"I just feel awful," Kaitlyn sobbed when she rejected him.

Yeah, girl you probably should have said something before he pulled out the ring.

And not surprisingly Nick didn’t take this very well. When Kaitlyn tried to explain her feelings, the heart-broken bachelor shut her down. He didn’t want to hear it. To him, his feelings for her were “more than a moment.”

“I’m the world’s biggest joke,” Nick said in the limo to producers. He also threw the ring he was going to propose to Kaitlyn with across the limo. I’m almost positive it's a cardinal sin to throw a Neil Lane ring. But that’s just me.

Can someone get this guy his own reality show? Or maybe an intervention? I think either will do.

All you need is love

It’s the moment for which we’ve all been waiting. And let’s be real: We all saw this one coming.

And I will admit it was really cute to watch.

Shawn, who looks great in a suit, said he knew he loved Kaitlyn the minute he stepped out of the limo on the first night. When he looks into her blue eyes, he said, he can’t think and gets this feeling in the pit of his stomach. He doesn’t want that feeling to end.

“I can’t wait to make a lifetime of memories with you and only you,” Kaitlyn then said. “Because you are the one and you always will be.”

And when Shawn gets down on one knee, he put the biggest rock on Kaitlyn’s finger. I’m talking Kim and Kanye level. That thing must have taken up a majority of the show’s budget.

And as soon as she says yes, the two kiss and lived happily ever after.

Well, at least for now.

Considering that only a handful of couples from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are still married, we’ll just have to wait and read the trashy magazines to find out if these two lovebirds make it.

In the meantime, “Bachelor in Paradise” anyone?