Donald Trump insult generators will turn you into a real loser

Having fun today with the Trump Insulter.
Having fun today with the Trump Insulter. @TrumpInsulter

Donald Trump is a walking, talking Pez dispenser of insults.

He’s called people “dummy,” “loser” and “desperate.”

Now, with a couple of online Trump insult generators, you can create a personalized insult from the Republican presidential candidate.

Click here to have fun with Time magazine’s Trump Insulter, created because “the Republican presidential candidate hasn't gotten around to mocking everyone in the world just yet.”

Plug your name in, like we did above, and your name will pop up in a mock Tweet that uses words from real Trump tweets.


“Lisa’s got a lot of problems!”

“Lisa is truly dumb as a rock.”

Mother Jones also created a Donald Trump Insult Generator.

Click here to use it.

Trump called Sen. Lindsey Graham a “stiff” on Tuesday as he gave out the lawmaker’s cell phone number to an audience.

But to be fair, that was after Graham called Trump a “jacka@@” on CNN on Monday.