Watch: John Cleese dares to joke about Taylor Swift’s cat

Taylor Swift not getting why John Cleese thinks her cat looks funny.
Taylor Swift not getting why John Cleese thinks her cat looks funny.

Me-ow! Taylor Swift needs a lesson in British humor.

Taylor was recently one of the guests sitting on the infamous red couch of BBC One’s “The Graham Norton Show” (it will air on BBC America Oct. 18). To her right was John Cleese — actor/comedian of “Monty Python” fame.

Graham, the show’s host, has a knack for finding the most bizarre facts about his celebrity guests and getting them to talk about it; or for getting them to do silly things (see some highlights).

This time, Graham pounced upon the fact that both John and Taylor were cat lovers, so he trotted out a photo of Taylor’s Scottish Fold cat, Olivia Benson, named after Detective Olivia Benson from “Law & Order S.V.U.”

The audience coos at the white feline with blue eyes, but not Cleese.

“How did it have the accident?” Cleese asks, seriously.

“What?” Taylor says, clearly befuddled.

“Is that a proper cat?” Cleese continues. “It’s the weirdest cat I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Before Taylor could fully process anyone calling anything of hers weird, Graham comes in with a save: a photo of John’s own huge cat.

To which the prim Taylor dropped her jaw and said, “that’s a monster.”

The video has more than 1.15 million views since being posted on Oct. 10 — presumably because people like watching Taylor squirm. Enjoy!