‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn meets the parents and breaks a bachelor’s heart

Spoiler alert: This story contains news from Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette.”

We’re in the final stretch of “The Bachlorette,” which means two things: dropping the L-bomb and meeting the folks.

In Monday’s (somewhat boring) episode, we finally got down to the final two bachelors. Shawn also told Nick that he’s the worst and bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe finally met the contestants’ families.

Here are some highlights from Monday’s episode:

Dinner and Donkeys

Continuing the Ireland fantasy suite dates in Monday’s episode, Kaitlyn had her next overnight with nice-guy Ben in Galway.

They started off riding horses — something Kaitlyn has never done before — and fed donkeys. They both claimed it was romantic, but it was just weird.

Ben is easy to be around and always puts Kaitlyn in a good mood, she said. Well, yeah, have you looked at him?

“Ben is a calming presence,” she said. “I feel like the horses feel it feel it. I feel it. I think nature feels it.” Yep, she really said that.

For about the 50th time this season, Kaitlyn had dinner in an old Irish castle. During dinner, Ben brings up their age difference (Ben is 26 and Kaitlyn is almost 30) and says he never wants the age difference to be a problem.

Kaitlyn only sees Ben as this mature adult, and age has never been an issue with her. She follows up asking if he’s ready to take their relationship to the next level and spend the night.

What do you think he’s really going to say, Kaitlyn?

Of course he says yes, and added that it will be the “best sleepover ever.” Then, in typical Bachelorette fashion, they make out.

“I’m hopeful that I wake up in the morning thinking that he’s the one,” Kaitlyn said.


The final overnight date is with Shawn, the Ryan Gosling look-a-like and a fan favorite.

The couple goes golfing – a common interest – but Kaitlyn makes Shawn wear a ridiculous outfit (electric blue pants with a red polo). Homeboy rocked it.

“He looks like a huge dork,” Kaitlyn giggled. “But the hottest dork ever.”

To make things interesting, the two made a bet that the loser has to do whatever the winner wants. But during the round of golf, Shawn was riding the struggle bus (or, golf cart in this case) and kept hitting the ball into the water. In the end, Kaitlyn came out victorious and wanted to play “Truth or Dare.”

Shawn picked “Dare” and the bachelorette wanted him to do one thing: strip.

The show has to get ratings somehow, right?

When Shawn strips down, he’s wearing long underwear (It was a “a tough laundry day,” he said) and revealed his rock solid 8-pack (“Seriously, it’s like you’re photoshopped,” I thought when watching.)

But at the end of streaking session, Kaitlyn came back to reality.

“Tonight Shawn needs to put his clothes on so we can have a serious conversation,” she said.

At dinner — once again in an Irish castle — Kaitlyn brought up the beef between Nick and Shawn and where it all comes from.

“I don't think he’s here for you,” Shawn said bluntly. “He’s an a**hole.”

Kaitlyn also brought up the weird Eskimo brothers-Shawn situation that Nick kept talking about. I don't understand what this is about, but it seems to allude to the idea of Shawn being unfaithful.

But Shawn blows it off, saying that Nick is being manipulative and is getting in Kaitlyn’s head.

“If you do end up with him then I’m not going to lose sleep over it,” Shawn boldly said.

The next morning, when Shawn leaves Kaitlyn’s hotel room, Nick is standing in the parking lot waiting for him. It was very “West Side Story.”

“Since he didn’t give me an opportunity the last time we spoke I would like to respond to his accusations,” Nick said.

Like every conversation they have, both contestants kept talking in circles. Eventually, Shawn kept shooting Nick’s questions down and sent him out of his room.

“Shawn is claiming to be a man, but he wasn't man enough to gave a conversation,” Nick said. “It says a lot about his character.”

And then there were two

Kaitlyn and host Chris Harrison sat down before the rose ceremony, analyzing each relationship. And it's the same thing: Ben is a sweetheart, Shawn is intense but jealous and Nick is passionate.

“The only think I can do is follow my heart in this, “ she said. “You’d think that would be easier to do, but it’s not.”

But at the rose ceremony, Kaitlyn struggled to get words out. She broke down and had to leave the room. Harrison attempted to comfort her by saying that this will be the hardest decision of her life. Way to make a girl feel better, Chris.

“I know what I have to do and it breaks my heart thinking that I have to do it,” she said.

Sweetheart Ben was eliminated and girls everywhere signed up for the next season of “The Bachelor” (Not really, but I’m Team Ben for becoming the next bachelor.)

“It’s so hard,” Kaitlyn said to Ben. “I just feel like you’re going to find the best girl in the world.”

“I’ll miss that girl,” Ben said, tears welling up in in eyes. “I’ll miss her a lot.”

“I was definitely changed by Kaitlyn.”

One big, happy, interrogating family

Kaitlyn met Nick’s big family first, who were all a little skeptical. Many of the family members admitted they had some apprehensions since he got his heart broken last time with bachelorette Andi.

When it was Kaitlyn’s turn for the hot seat, Nick’s siblings and mother asked her about her feelings for Nick and how it’s different from the other guys she has dated. His kid sister Bella got straight to the point when it was her time with Kaitlyn.

“Do you love him?” she asked.

“I love the person who he is,” Kaitlyn deflected. “And he makes me happy.”

When Nick sat down with his mom to talk about Kaitlyn, he explained to her that his feelings for this bachelorette are much different than those he had last season for Andi. He’s not as naïve, but he is still confident that the bachelorette loves him.

Kaitlyn is “also great at making out,” Nick said to his mom. Yep, that happened. Just when we though Nick couldn’t be any more gross…

This is nuts’

Shawn had a lot riding on Kaitlyn meeting his family, as their approval would finally allow him to say “I love you” to her.

Like Nick’s siblings, Shawn’s two sisters grilled the bachelorette on her past relationships and the validity of her feelings for their younger brother. But in the end, Kaitlyn won both over.

“My honest opinion is that I think she’s great,” sister Jessie said to Shawn. “I think you guys are very Yin and Yang.”

But it was Shawn’s dad, Steve, who brought a sense of reality to the situation.

“This is nuts,” Steve said to his son. Finally, a normal human being!

Steve still hasn’t accepted the fact that his son is competing on a reality television show and said he’s concerned that Shawn was “getting caught up in the moment.”

This didn’t stop Shawn, however. He later dropped the L-bomb to Kaitlyn.

"When I think about saying goodbye to one of the two I have left, I don't know how to do it,” Kaitlyn said at the end of the episode. “I don't know what to do, how to do it. I don't know."

Next week’s episode is the infamous “Men Tell All” roundtable. Here’s hoping Ian continues to be egotistical, we finally learn the truth about “Brokeback Bachelor” and Kansas City’s Tanner Tolbert reveals some juicy secrets.