Bachelorette Kaitlyn decides to be honest and breaks hearts along the way

Spoiler alert: This story contains news from Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette.”

It’s like what your mother always said: Honesty is the best policy.

Well, bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe took that to heart in Monday’s episode and the some. She finally revealed how far she went with love-to-hate contestant Nick and got real with how she felt about her fellow bachelors.

Here are some highlights from Monday’s episode:

Like a virgin?

Still in Killarney, Ben was the first bachelor to score a one-on-one date with Kaitlyn.

They rowed a boat to an island, and with the entire place to themselves, they play a game of hide-and-seek. Because they’re 7 years old.

Next to a fire and glasses of Irish whiskey, Ben confessed his biggest fears in a relationship — rejection and being unlovable. Being dumped by his last girlfriend still affects him, he said.

But Kaitlyn put those fears to rest when she admitted she was falling in love with him. Yep, I would say that would do it.

When the topic of the fantasy suite dates came up, Ben said he didn’t think the purpose of the overnight date was to be physical. Instead, he said he’s excited to have alone time with her and talk to her all night long.

Um, forget Kaitlyn, can we just name Ben the next bachelor right now?

But, this sweet response prompted Kaitlyn to ask:

“Are you a virgin?”

“No,” he deadpanned.

Looking relieved, Kaitlyn giggled and eventually changed the subject. Because god-forbid a guy actually, I don’t know, wants to talk to you instead of getting into your pants.

True colors

Can I live in a world where dates consist of drinking in front of an Irish castle?

Because that’s essentially what Sean, Nick and Joe did during their time with the bachelorette.

When it was Nick’s turn for alone time, Kaitlyn finally brought up their night together in her hotel room.

“…. about the other night,” Kaitlyn asked sheepishly. “How do you feel about that?

“I feel good about it,” Nick smiled confidently.


To Nick, Kaitlyn isn’t “The Bachelorette,” but just a girl. He admitted that he is falling in love with her, and said it was scary for him to say.

When it was Joe’s turn for alone time, he decided he was going to be honest with his feelings and put everything out there for Kaitlyn.

“I could totally kiss you and only you for the next 60 years,” he said. He then confessed his love for her, adding that he wouldn’t just say it if he didn’t mean it.

But this caused Kaitlyn to become quiet and distant.

“You were talking about being brutally honest. I want to be brutally honest with you,” Kaitlyn explained. “When you tell me you’re in love with me. I don't know, it makes me realize we’re not on the same page right now.”

“What are you trying to say, Kaitlyn?” Joe said.

“I don't know. I just I don’t know if I’m there right now,” she said.

And with that, gone was Joe’s Southern gentleman act and in was a guy who was angry he was getting dumped on national television.

After giving her the most insincere hug, he stormed off. And that was the last of Joe.

“I was really bad to say goodbye to Joe but it’s just one hard conversation out of the way,” Kaitlyn said. “Onto the next.”

You can’t handle the truth

At the end of the group date, Kaitlyn told Nick and Shawn she wouldn’t be handing out a rose. Instead, she wanted to spend more time with Shawn and would see Nick at the rose ceremony.

Sucks to suck, Nick. Her alone time with Shawn finally allowed her to tell him the truth about Nick.

“I haven’t talked to anyone else about this, because I don't want you to find out later. I just want to be so honest,” she said to Shawn. She explained to him how Nick spent extra time with her after their one-on-one date and how it became physical.

“It’s hard for me to admit it, but we had sex.”

And with that news, Shawn looks like he’s been kicked in the stomach. He didn’t say a single word for about a minute. And in reality TV, that felt like forever.

“Do you regret it?” he finally asked, barely making eye contact with her.

“I felt guilt,” Kaitlyn said. “I didn't expect that to happen.”

He needed to take a minute to regroup and goes to the bathroom, probably forgetting he still had his microphone on.

“I’m so tense I can’t even piss,” he mutters in the bathroom.

When Shawn finally comes back, he’s still clearly upset. But he tells Kaitlyn he only wants her and can try to get over it.

“At the end of the day I’m here for you,” Shawn said. “I’m going to man up and get through this.”

And the Oscar goes to…..

I need to talk to you’

Continuing the theme of getting straight to the point, Kaitlyn decided to not have a cocktail party this week and go straight to the rose ceremony.

When the four guys walked in, Kaitlyn didn’t waste any time.

“Shawn will you accept this rose?”

He walked up slowly and responded: “I need to talk to you.”

Woah. Just the words every girl wants to hear, right?

When he pulls her aside, he admits that the news of Nick and Kaitlyn having sex is still affecting him. Shawn didn't understand how she could tell him he was “the one” and then sleep with another guy.

“Telling you that you were the one halfway through was a mistake,” she said. “I had no business doing that when I had other relationships to explore. I am here to explore other relationships.”

Shawn ended up accepting the rose, though still doubtful about his relationship with Kaitlyn. Ben and Nick also received roses, meaning that Jared was eliminated.

And when they said goodbye outside, Jared, like the perfect gentleman he was had only nice things to say to Kaitlyn.

“I want you to be happy,” he said. “Just make sure you find the man of your dreams because you deserve it.”

OK, so maybe Jared can be the next bachelor too?

Let the rain fall down’

Finally, the fantasy dates have arrived! Essentially the show’s bread and butter, each contestant is awarded an overnight date with Kaitlyn. And Nick was first up.

The couple wandered into an old cathedral where Nick showed a different side. He talked to Kaitlyn about his religious background and what it meant to him.

“Nick is open and vulnerable and I find that appealing,” Kaitlyn said.

Kaitlyn then took Nick to a jail for dinner, because that screams romance.

Nick revealed to the bachelorette that he’s having a hard time bonding with the other contestants and has very little respect for Shawn.

As soon as they start talking, it starts pouring rain outside. It seems “The Bachelorette” gods were sending a sign?

“I definitely think it’s strange that Nick and Shawn keep saying bad things about each other,” Kaitlyn said. “They’re having these jealous emotions that's causing them to think things that don’t really matter.”

Like the rain, the heated conversation passed, and Kaitlyn decided to continue the fantasy suite with Nick in a glamorous hotel room.

“I love being next to you, I cant get enough,” he said to Kaitlyn at the hotel. “This experience has better than I dreamt it could be.”

I still get jealous’

Mad that Kaitlyn gave Nick a rose and jealous about their overnight date, Shawn decided to confront Nick in his hotel room.

“I don't want to talk behind your back like other guys have,” Shawn said when he walked into Nick’s room.

They then start squabbling about how neither one respects, trusts or likes the other one. Both Nick and Shawn talk so quickly they’re not even hearing what the other one has to say. It was like seventh-grade girls yelling at each other in gym class.

You’re manipulative and arrogant, Shawn said.

You don't know anything about me, Nick retorted back.

“I think you’re an a**hole. I don’t think you’re here for Kaitlyn,” Shawn said. “I think you’re here for another reason.”