Did ‘The Simpsons’ predict the Ebola outbreak? Conspiracy theorists want to know

Remember this? Yeah, we didn’t either.
Remember this? Yeah, we didn’t either. Fox/The Simpsons

There is nothing remotely funny about the Ebola virus.

But we have to say that this conspiracy theory about “The Simpsons” predicting the outbreak is good for a tiny giggle today.

An online conspiracy chaser last week dredged up a 1997 clip from the show’s “Lisa’s Sax” episode in season nine.

In one scene, Marge Simpson is trying to coax Bart out of bed by offering to read him a book. The book is called “Curious George and the Ebola Virus.”

The clip popped up on a YouTube channel called Thecontroversy7 where the host, Emmanuel Lokonga, holds forth on all kinds of Hollywood-generated conspiracies.

“Is there something we are not being told? Is it by pure chance & coincidence that the Simpsons would do predictive programming?” he wants to know.

“There has been numerous predictions from The Simpsons which revealed futuristic events which came to pass.

“What of the Ebola recurrence in 2014? Is it planned or is it just by natural means? Ebola was not in the 90's, but it happened long ago in the mid 70's... But The Simpsons reveal in late 90's Ebola virus ... Interesting right?”

Only sort of. For the record, known cases and outbreaks of Ebola date back to 1976, according to the CDC.

We’re just glad that Curious George obviously had access to treatment.