Watch: Cat uses one of its nine lives with scary ride on wing of a plane

Hold on, little kitty!
Hold on, little kitty! YouTube

This is one of the scariest cat videos we’ve ever watched. A cat appeared out of nowhere on the wing of an ultralight aircraft as it took off into the air – and hung on for dear life for the entire flight in French Guiana.

“I was extremely surprised when I saw her,” pilot Romain Jantot, 28, told ABC News. “I think my reaction on the video speaks for itself.”

The YouTube video shows Jantot flying an open-air Skyranger plane with a female passenger in the seat next to him. Seconds after take-off, the cat appears out of nowhere, crawling on the wing of the plane.

The kitty is sort of a mascot at the flight club where Jantot is taking lessons.

“Her presence was not dangerous for the flight at all, but I just wanted to be sure that she wasn’t going to jump,” he told ABC.

“So I slowed down the engine and I saw that she was already less afraid. If I had started to make big gestures she would have definitely tried to get out of the wing.”

He immediately turned the plane around and the brave little kitty jumped down as soon as the plane stopped.