Did Matthew McConaughey’s speech spur Texas to win against KU?

On Sept. 27, the Texas Longhorns shut out the Kansas Jayhawks 23-0 at the KU homecoming game.

Is it possible that Matthew McConaughey had something to do with it?

Longhorn Network has posted a video of McConaughey giving the Longhorn team — he’s a University of Texas class of 1993 alum — a rather existential pep talk before the team played KU.

“Why do I do what I do? Why am I an actor?” McConaughey says. “Ask yourself, why do I play this game?”

The question is important, the actor continues, because the players need to realize they “really got to play for one person.” Like when he realized that about acting.

“I’ve done my best work,” he says, “only when I pushed myself to be better than I even thought I could do.”

More interestingly, McConaughey reveals that “Mud” was his favorite movie; that he calls Leonardo DiCaprio “the other actor” in “Wolf of Wall Street,” as if people might not know who Leonardo DiCaprio is; and that his son is incredibly patient.

We can only assume that the little blond boy hovering around McConaughey during the pep talk is his son Levi, who seems to know his dad is doing some serious talking.