Charlie Brown still pining for little red-haired girl in ‘Peanuts Movie’ trailer

Lucy is still selling advice to Charlie Brown in the new “Peanuts Movie” coming in November.
Lucy is still selling advice to Charlie Brown in the new “Peanuts Movie” coming in November. Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox

Some things in Charlie Brown’s world never change and that makes us feel all warm and toasty.

Released on Tuesday, the new trailer for the computer-animated “Peanuts Movie” coming later this year reveals that Charlie Brown is still trying to win the heart of the little red-haired girl.

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Ever-helpful Lucy offers this advice: “If you really want to impress people, you need to show them you’re a winner. Of course when I say you, you know I don’t mean you personally.”

Love that girl.

The movie, in the works for three years, is directed by Steve Martino (“Ice Age: Continental Drift”) with a script by Cornelius Uliano written with Charles Schulz’s son and grandson.

The Washington Post notes how the filmmakers stay true to Schulz’s two-dimensional drawings, “particularly in how it is wed to three-dimensional sculpting and shading.”

The Post also noticed that the little red-haired girl can only be seen from the neck down in the trailer, “as the filmmakers tease our never quite getting a direct look at her face — as if she shines like the sun.”

One blogger at was left trying to understand why most of the trailer is set to The Who’s “Baba O’Riley.”

“The choice of music in the trailer is glaringly wrong: You go in expecting the famous plaintive Vince Guaraldi piano theme and instead get ‘Baba O’Riley’ (pre-teenage wasteland?), but you can justify that in terms of the target audience,” the blogger notes. “If we’re going to indulge Boomer nostalgia, let’s really do it, you know?

“The problem, I think, is that it looks long on shtick — sight gags, slapstick, set pieces of Snoopy dancing — and short on soul, which is a smart way to hold the interest of little kids but feels so wrong to anyone who loves the old animated holiday specials.”

Here’s hoping that observation turns out to be wrong when the movie hits theaters on Nov. 6.