Former ‘Bachelorette’ contestant brings the drama in San Antonio

On Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” 10 men were treated to a visit by Sebastian De La Cruz, a delightful 13-year-old Mariachi superstar, and his band El Charro De Oro. A bunch of nervous bachelors tried their hand at writing their own Mariachi songs and performing them in front of a cheering crowd.
On Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” 10 men were treated to a visit by Sebastian De La Cruz, a delightful 13-year-old Mariachi superstar, and his band El Charro De Oro. A bunch of nervous bachelors tried their hand at writing their own Mariachi songs and performing them in front of a cheering crowd. ABC

Spoiler alert: Don’t read if you didn’t watch “The Bachelorette” on Monday.

Hell hath no fury like a bachelor’s scorn.

Nick Viall is officially back, ladies! And this season’s bachelors are not happy about it.

The runner-up from Andi Dorfman's season of "The Bachelorette" is now vying for Kaitlyn's heart. Nick is commonly remembered as the gentleman who, on national TV, said Andi had sex with him during their fantasy date, even though she knew she was going to pick the other bachelor.

Kansas City's very own Tanner Tolbert continued with his airtime this week as one of the contestants who was miffed about Nick's dramatic — and perfectly crafted — return.

This week’s episode focused on San Antonio, trust and calling people out. Here’s the breakdown of what happened Monday night.

He’s backkkkk

As soon as Nick walked into the NYC hotel room, it was full on interrogation mode.

With Nick on one side of the room and the rest of the guys on the other, Nick began to explain his reasons for being on the show with the opening line: “I’m not here to cause drama.”

Yeah, OK, Nick.

Tanner led the interrogation and asked the most questions. He wanted to know about Nick’s relationship with Andi and the rumors that they had reconnected.

But the big question was: Why would Nick be willing to go through this again?

“I had to meet her,” Nick explained. “I just wanna meet this girl. I totally understand where you guys are coming from, I don’t expect you to care or worry about my problem. This isn’t because I have nothing better to do.”

Take me out to the ball game

The fourth cocktail party of the season was held at an empty Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. Sounds awesome, right? But it was outside. And it was cold.

Several of the guys, including Tanner, took their turns trying to persuade Kaitlyn about Nick’s intensions. But Shawn B. — aka the Ryan Gosling look-a-like — made Kaitlyn tear up.

Do you trust me? Kaitlyn asked Shawn.

“I don’t know if what you’re saying and your actions are matching up.” Preach, Shawn.

At the chilly rose ceremony, suspense was high when there was one final rose, but Jonathan, Ryan, and Corey and Nick were left. Kaitlyn decided to go with her gut feelings and, in dramatic fashion, Nick got the final rose. She sent the other three packing. Because we didn’t all see that coming.

“I’m here,” Nick said to the cameras after the rose ceremony. “Deal with it.”

Don’t mess with Texas

Kaitlyn and her bachelors traveled to San Antionio, the heart of Texas and home of the Alamo.

Ben H. got the first solo date of the episode. He and Kaitlyn donned their cowboy boots and went to the oldest dance hall in Texas to compete in a two-step competition. Apparently the ability to two-step shows the strength of a relationship in the Lone Star State.

While the two weren’t Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, they eventually got the hang of things and created a “deeper connection” in the process.

“I already feel like I’m taking a couple steps forward with Ben,” Kaitlyn said. Nice pun, girl.

But it seemed Ben’s two-step actually worked because at dinner she gave him a rose.

Sing me song, Mariachi man

The only group date of the episode was similar to last week’s. It required the bachelors to write Kaitlyn a song in tune to a Mariachi band and perform them for her. It seems singing must be a high priority for the bachelorette. That’s an important quality one would want in a husband, right?

The group date included all of the guys except Ben H. and Shawn B., who were awarded with one-on-one dates. Dressed in Mariachi garb, with hat and all, the guys were awful. It was pretty brutal to hear.

Nick won most uncomfortable moment of the night with this verse: “Kaitlyn, we have such a great connection, it gives me such a huge erection.”

The group date continued when Kaitlyn took the guys to an old barn for cocktails. Embarrassed by his awkward performance, Joshua hoped to redeem himself by asking Kaitlyn to give him a haircut. But she butchered it — possible foreshadowing?

Embarrassed from both the haircut and the performance, Joshua decided to continue his lucky streak and told Kaitlyn that none of the bachelors trusted Nick.

“So everyone’s lying to my face, so that’s what you’re telling me?” Kaitlyn barked.

Way to throw your fellow bachelors under the bus, dude.

Joshua soon got a taste of his own medicine. Kaitlyn brought all of the guys together and asked if they had a problem with Nick. When no one responded, it looked like Josh was the one she couldn’t trust. Don’t mess with Texas, buddy.

At the end of the group date, Nick got the rose.

“If things continue the way they’re going,” Nick said of Kaitlyn defending him to the other contestants, “I’m absolutely going to fall in love with this girl.”

Baby, you’re a firework

Shawn B. was the second bachelor to score one-on-one time with Kaitlyn. Rumors swirled about the two leading up to Monday’s episode when a recent Snapchat from Kaitlyn showed her and Shawn in the same bed. It was deleted quickly.

But back to the date: The two went kayaking, a first for Kaitlyn, and it gave Shawn the opportunity to flex his triceps.

“I love his voice. I love his smell,” Kaitlyn squealed. “Oh, I’m being creepy.”

They later sat by a campfire, which allowed Shawn to open up to the bachelorette. He revealed that he was almost killed in a horrible car accident years ago. The experience changed his perspective about life.

“Like just to think I could have missed out on all of this,” said Shawn, getting choked up at this point. But despite the waterworks, it was one of the more sincere moments of the night. He later confessed to Kaitlyn that he was falling in love with her.

The night ended in fireworks — because it’s “The Bachelorette” — and Shawn got a rose.

“When Shawn tells me he’s falling in love, I feel the luckiest I’ve ever felt. What I feel is that my husband is telling me he loved me for the first time,” Kaitlyn said.

“He could be the guy I give my final rose to.”

You can’t handle the truth

So far this season, Ian has flown under the radar – and he’s over it.

Nearing the end of the episode, Ian basically made a pitch to become the next bachelor since he sees himself as the perfect. He is a Princeton graduate and model after all.

“I know Kaitlyn’s not interested in me. There’s not a chance this situation can work out. I’m pretty over it,” he said. “She not half as hot as my ex-girlfriend.”

Going into the fifth cocktail party and rose ceremony, Ian decided to come face-to-face with Kaitlyn. He called her “surface level,” and to him, it seems like she wants to make out with a bunch of people.

Ian added that he joined the show to meet the heart-broken girl Chris Soules dumped, but instead got the girl “who wanted to get her field plowed.”

Ouch. Shots fired.

How did Kaitlyn react? She most likely cried and ruined her mascara, but we’ll just have to watch next week to find out for sure.

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