Ben Affleck goes full frontal in ‘Gone Girl’ — or does he?

Oscar winner Ben Affleck decided to show off a little in “Gone Girl.”
Oscar winner Ben Affleck decided to show off a little in “Gone Girl.” The Associated Press

Gone Girl” hits theaters Friday, and it’s earning rave reviews for its tense, smart storytelling and slick direction from director David Fincher. It’s based on a best-selling novel and could make a legitimate movie star out of actress Rosamund Pike.

But we’ll be buying our tickets to see Ben Affleck naked. Or at least to find out whether he actually gets naked.

The actor confirmed — kind of — in an MTV interview on Tuesday that he goes full frontal — for a bit — in “Gone Girl.” To make it all realistic and stuff.

“[Fincher] said to me from the beginning, This is a ‘warts-and-all’ movie. You can’t have any vanity. You have to see the naked underbelly of this character.”

That’s not the part we’re interested in, Ben. Do we see … everything … or not? Some media outlets are confirming the glimpsed package in the third act, while other reviewers are saying that if it’s there, they totally missed it.

“The penis is in there!” he joked. “It costs extra — it’s IMAX penis. You’ve gotta pay fifteen bucks to see it in 3-D — it looks better in 3-D.”

Then, just to deflate our hopes, he added, “You should know it was a very cold set.”

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