Hey now, he’s a rock star: Watch KC fan’s Royals ‘All Star’ video (go play)

Dane Callestrom of Kansas City sings about his Royals All-Star love.
Dane Callestrom of Kansas City sings about his Royals All-Star love. YouTube

Seven Royals players lead the voting for nine American League All-Star Game positions, and one Kansas City fan is celebrating this feat — in song.

Using Smash Mouth’s “All Star” as his inspiration and YouTube as his platform, Dane Callstrom, 25, posted “All Star (The Royal Version)” on Thursday. The video has garnered more than 7,000 views as of Thursday afternoon.

Callstrom said he was inspired to make the video after hearing Monday’s news that the Royals were dominating the voting. He said he occasionally posts videos to YouTube and gained buzz a couple years ago for his videos on the Chiefs. This is his second Royals video.

He pulled an all-nighter and worked about 15 hours to write, record and produce it.

“I’m a huge Royals fan, and I thought that this was a bit ridiculous that this was happening,” Callstrom said. So far, he’s voted 70 times every day for the All-Star Game — not kosher under Major League Baseball rules, but doable.

Some of Callstrom’s Royals-centric verses:

“Esky, you’re an All Star, get your braces, go play/ Salvy, you’re an All Star, grab the cooler, get paid /The Roys are stealin’ the show/ It’s the summer classic. #BooCano.”


“So come at me. I’d gladly take shots for KC’s scheme/ But I’m not about to apologize for supporting my winning team./ And when you don’t got a starter, it’s no Kansas City crime./ We’re just taking Cincinnati cause it’s finally our time.”

Fans can vote through through 11 p.m. July 2. Watch the entire parody video below: