Bobby Flay fileted: Walk of Fame honor marred by flying ‘Cheater’ banner

Cheater? Someone thinks that Bobby Flay is one.
Cheater? Someone thinks that Bobby Flay is one. Food Network

Was that a Walk of Fame or Walk of Shame ceremony for Food Network star Bobby Flay on Tuesday?

As the celebrity chef received a star on Hollywood’s famous walk – the first star chef to be so honored – a plane flew overhead pulling a banner that read “cheater.”

Naturally, everyone assumed that Flay’s estranged wife, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” actress Stephanie March, was responsible for the stunt.

As Gawker points out: “Revenge is a dish best served at a public event honoring Bobby Flay.”

The two are locked in a nasty divorce battle. There’s a dispute over their pre-nup agreement. And New York tabloids have reported that Flay allegedly cheated on his wife with a hostess at one of his restaurants who later became his assistant. His reps have denied the allegation.

But what can’t be denied? That that airplane banner was one of the best spurned-lover pranks we’ve ever seen, if that’s what it turns out to be.

It could not be ignored as the plane pulling the banner circled overhead several times during the ceremony, according to various news accounts.

But that didn’t stop a bunch of people from saying nice things about Flay. According to, fellow Iron Chef Michael Symon got downright bro-mantic about his colleague.

“You made it cool for guys to cook,” Symon said. “It's always been cool in the chef business but you made it cool for people at home too.”