Fur flies over Kelly Osbourne’s expensive Pomeranian puppy

Kelly Osbourne and her adorable pups have raised the hackles of animal activists.
Kelly Osbourne and her adorable pups have raised the hackles of animal activists. Instagram

We’re very certain that Kelly Osbourne didn’t expect to cause an uproar when she posted an Instagram photo of herself with her adorable new Pomeranian puppy.

TMZ and Gossip Cop report that Osbourne paid as much as $11,000 for the dog, which is said to weigh a mere 5 ounces – a pocket pup.

The dog reportedly came from South Korea through the same company that has supplied Paris Hilton with her teeny-tiny pampered pooches.

Osbourne named the new pup Sid to go with Nancy, another tiny dog that she reportedly paid $16,000 for at a fundraiser earlier this year.

Osbourne is holding both dogs in the new Instagram photo. “Me and my babies! My babies and me!!!!” she wrote.

That set off a couple of animal rights activists who left comments chiding her for not adopting a dog from a shelter and accusing the former “Fashion Police” co-host of supporting puppy mills.

“So wrong to support this kind of breeding and breeding in general,” wrote one person. “You are supporting puppy mills and using your social influence to support breeding instead of adopting the millions of unwanted animals in shelters that are being killed every day. Stop encouraging this by putting this on your Instagram it's disgusting!”

Another gave Osbourne a pass and wrote that “what needs to change is the laws concerning puppy mills! They should not be allowed to exist!!!

“As for Kelly Osbourne she herself most likely did research on a private breeder. I may not agree with it but it is much safer than a pet store because those dogs come from puppy mills.”

Radar Online pointed out that Osbourne’s mom, Sharon, has adopted dogs in the past.

“Sharon had adopted a rescue dog from us, a Yorkshire Terrier,” activist Kris Kelly told the website. “Sharon came out to one of our events, and adopted the dog that had been recovered from a puppy mill. I am shocked that Kelly would buy puppies.”