The Hunt for Blue October: Cast the Royals movie

What a fantastic season it’s been so far for the Kansas City Royals and their fans.

Which got us to thinking — that’s always dangerous.

Let’s say Hollywood took notice, and some bigshot, studio muckety-muck decided to make a movie of the Boys in Blue’s 2014 run for the play-offs.

Royals fans already have the title: “The Hunt for Blue October.” We’re certain Tom Clancy wouldn’t have minded that one bit.

Our choice to play Eric Hosmer: Wes Bentley, who played Seneca Crane in “The Hunger Games.”

Who do you think should play Alex, Billy, Moose, Big Game James, Omar, Lo-Cain, Ned and the rest of the guys?

We’ll run some of your suggestions in Tuesday’s edition of The Kansas City Star.

Hey, now, what was that?

We could have sworn we heard someone out there just mutter, “IF they make the playoffs.”

You hush. This is the year. THIS IS THE YEAR.


We hope.