Just kidding: Paris Hilton explains her childhood ‘Playboy bunny’ costume

She was just kidding.

Paris Hilton responded on Friday to people who were offended by a Throwback Thursday photo she posted of herself dressed as a “Playboy bunny” as a child.

In the photo posted to Instagram, she wrote: “Dressing up as #PlayboyBunny for Halloween. #BabyParis #ThrowbackThursday.”

Not everyone thought it was LOL funny, though. Posted one of her Instagram followers: “Cute but really.... You're like 8 here... No way in (heck) my child would dress up as a playboy bunny at that age.”

We’re not sure why people were so shocked. This is, after all, the woman whose Carl’s Jr. burger commercials have been called soft-core porn.

But apparently Paris had heard enough. Early Friday she posted this message on her Instagram page: “By the way, to all the people who can't take a joke. I was kidding. I wasn't really dressed as a #PlayboyBunny. I was 5 years old & had no idea what that was. I was just dressed as a bunny on Halloween.”

To which jpeezey83 responded: “@parishilton thank God. I saw the post and felt a sadness for America lol.”