Trekkie debate: Does this building look like Enterprise or Voyager?

This building in China has Star Trek fans debating.
This building in China has Star Trek fans debating. Twitter

We’re not bold enough to wade into this debate ourselves, but we’ll put it out there for you: What does this Trekkie’s new building look like?

As reported by CNN Money, the founder of online game developer NetDragon Websoft in China, Liu Dejian, is a big Star Trek fan. (He’s reportedly also a graduate of the University of Kansas.)

So when he built a new headquarters for his company he modeled it after the USS Enterprise.

Or is it the Voyager?

Which is it?

The $100 million building has six stories and is about 850 feet long and 300 feet wide, according to the Wall Street Journal. It was finished in October, but apparently the debate is just beginning.

The company says it was intended to be the Enterprise. But some Star Trek fans have other opinions about that.