Texas homecoming queen’s act of kindness goes viral

True friends: Naomi Martinez, Lillian Skinner and Anahi Alvarez.
True friends: Naomi Martinez, Lillian Skinner and Anahi Alvarez. NBC

Your warm and fuzzy story of the day involves hateful high-schoolers and a homecoming queen with a heart of gold.

Some mean girls at Grand Prairie High School in North Texas thought it would be funny to make their classmate, Lillian Skinner, think that she had been nominated for homecoming queen.

“They make fun of my teeth, my hair — you know I have short hair — people call me Chucky and buck teeth,” Lillian told NBC News.

But when the two girls who had really been nominated for queen heard about the cruel prank they decided that if either of them won, they would give the crown to Lillian, their friend since 7th-grade choir.

And they did.

When Anahi Alvarez’s name was called at the Sept. 12 football game, she handed the crown to her longtime friend, who felt like she was in a dream.

“It was just a way that we could, we’re gonna make Lilly feel good, we’re going to let her know that she deserves the crown,” Anahi told NBC.

“Whoever told her that she’d been nominated — they’re going to see that there’s people that are going to stop them, that are going to stand up for all the innocent people that can’t defend themselves.”

The act of kindness has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook, where millions have read of it. And this week Anahi, Lillian and Naomi Martinez, the other girl nominated for queen, asked the school’s students to sign a pledge against bullying.

Told you. Hearts of gold.