Creed frontman Scott Stapp reveals he has bipolar disorder

Scott Stapp has revealed he had a psychotic break last year.
Scott Stapp has revealed he had a psychotic break last year. Associated Press

Scott Stapp tells People magazine that he had a psychotic break last year brought on by alcohol and drug abuse but has been in recovery for a few months. He’s now taking medication for bipolar disorder.

The diagnosis “was hard to process," he tells the magazine. “There's a stigma associated with it.”

The revelation answers a lot of questions fans had after Stapp posted a rambling video to Facebook in November in which he claimed to be living in a Holiday Inn with no money to buy food.

“I had a psychotic break that was brought on by alcohol and drug abuse," he tells People. "I was hallucinating. I drove around the United States for a month, following an angel that I saw on the hood of my car.

“In my delusional thinking, I thought my family was involved in ISIS, and that millions of dollars had been taken from me to support terrorism. All of it was nonsense. I was out of my mind.”

Friends and family, including Stapp's wife, Jaclyn, a children’s book author, watched his behavior unravel for three months, according to People. It was only when he entered a treatment facility that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

"It made sense," Jaclyn tells the magazine. “I definitely knew there was something going on for years, but I couldn't pinpoint what it was.”

The video he posted in November was so shocking that Mashable wrote: “Scott Stapp is either the victim of one of the wildest, most well-coordinated illuminati conspiracies ever pulled, or he's got a screw loose.”

In the video Stapp claimed that he was broke and living in a Holiday Inn after someone stole money from his bank accounts.

"I've been harassed. I've been stalked. I've had my name slandered all over the Internet,” he said in the video. “Right now I'm looking for an honest, good attorney, that's ready to fight — and take it all the way to the top."

Stapp tells People: "I'm lucky to be alive.”