Two Kansas City guys to compete on 'The Bachelorette'

Bachelor Ryan McDill from Kansas City will compete on the new season of “The Bachelorette” beginning next week.
Bachelor Ryan McDill from Kansas City will compete on the new season of “The Bachelorette” beginning next week. ABC

ABC has revealed the names of the 25 guys who will compete on the next season of “The Bachelorette” and two are from Kansas City.

One of them, University of Missouri grad Ryan McDill, is the ex-boyfriend of Kansas City’s own Nikki Ferrell, who in turn is now the “ex” of infamous “Bachelor” Juan Pablo Galavis.

Ryan makes a huge impression on the show from the get-go, and it’s not a good one.

The other local contestant is Tanner Tolbert, who reportedly is finance manager at Legends Honda.

Season 11 of the show begins with a two-night episode next Monday (8:01p.m.) and Tuesday (8 p.m.). For the first time there will be two bachelorettes: Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe. They’ll start the show together but the bachelors will vote on which one stays.

Here’s how ABC, in an announcement today, characterized the men who will be competing.

“What do a buff fitness coach, whose mother’s untimely death left him with painful scars; a dashing executive recruiter, who is a Princeton graduate; a cocky and confident architectural engineer with movie star good looks; an insurance agent, who is the total package, and a charming dentist, who has a million dollar smile, all have in common?”

We’ll tell you: They’re just darn goofy according to ABC’s press release.

“While some suitors pay equal attention to both Bachelorettes, some just can’t hide their feelings for one or the other,” says ABC. “Brady, a singer/song writer makes an immediate connection with Britt and shares that she is why he is there. Jared unbuttons his shirt to reveal his super hero persona known as ‘Love Man.’ Justin decides to use a bunch of helium-filled balloons to offer his high-pitched compliments to both women. Kaitlyn has her own not-so-secret admirer, as Shawn B. whispers that he is there just for her.

“The men are just getting started showing off: Handsome law student Josh starts to strip in order to give both ladies a standing lap dance. Chris, a dentist with a sweet tooth, drives up in a car shaped like a cupcake. Not to be outdone, Shawn E. pulls up in the driveway behind the wheel of a hot tub car.”

After the arrivals, the action moves inside the “Bachelorette” mansion where both of Kansas City’s contestants continue to stand out.

Brit gives Tanner, who handed her a tissue when they met, a playful shout-out, admitting that she does cry a lot.

And Ryan? ABC spills the beans that he “gets himself in a world of trouble, acting so inappropriately that (host) Chris Harrison finally has to step in and take matters into his own hands.”


Last year Ryan told Life & Style magazine that he made a mistake by breaking up with Nikki Ferrell. “I could see the two of us working out long-term,” he said. “I could see having a family with her. “After we broke up, there were times where I would say, ‘I don’t know if that was the right decision.’”

According to his official ABC bio Ryan, 28, is a “junkyard specialist” whose favorite movies include “Shawshank Redemption” and “Michael Clayton,” and would be superhero Wolverine if he could because “he is awesome-looking, ripped, has attitude, and doesn't take any crap.”

Tanner, according to his bio, is also 28. His favorite musical artists include Sam Hunt and Luke Bryan, and he hates dates who “can’t hold a conversation or gets sloppy drunk.”

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