‘The Late Late Show’ shows guests a hot time – literally

Helen Hunt was smokin’ hot on “The Late Late Show” Thursday night.
Helen Hunt was smokin’ hot on “The Late Late Show” Thursday night. “The Late Late Show”

As “The Late Late Show” host James Corden chatted with guests Helen Hunt and Nicholas Hoult on Thursday’s episode the set behind them, a cityscape of Los Angeles, began to emit smoke.

While Hunt and Corden looked on, one of the mock buildings burst into flames.

A fire alarm went off, and a shocked Corden sent the show to a commercial. After the break, a bare-bones version of the production came back.

This time, though, everyone was on the roof of CBS Television City.

The guests were in chairs instead of Corden's trademark couch. Reggie Watts brought his band, and the audience sat in a half circle around them. Other than Corden saying “We're still here!” the flames weren't even acknowledged.

After another commercial, the show returned. Everyone was back in the studio again.

Corden just kept talking to his guests as though nothing had happened – although the set behind them did look a bit darker.

Finally, prompted by questions on Twitter, the show posted a .gif of Corden watching the flames.

For a few moments at least, The Late Late Show was the hottest program in late-night.

Watch what happened below.