Report: ‘The Mindy Project’ dumped by Fox, but might find new home at Hulu

Fox has canceled “The Mindy Project.”
Fox has canceled “The Mindy Project.” Fox

Breaking is up is so hard to do, as “The Mindy Project” is about to find out. Variety reports that Fox has decided to dump the rom-com sitcom after three seasons.

But show star Mindy Kaling, who portrays a successful OB/GYN living in New York City, might not be left out in the cold for long. Variety also reports that Hulu is talking with Universal Television about possibly picking up the show for at least two new seasons.

Kaling’s show debuted in September 2012. Its audience had reportedly slipped to about 2 million viewers when Season 3 debuted in March.

Fans loved the show’s many surprise cameo appearances by a parade of famous folks, including James Franco, Laura Dern, Stephen Colbert, Common and Ken Burns.

No one involved in the decision would comment on the Variety report. But Kaling herself seemed to confirm that something big was happening with a post on Instagram Wednesday night.


Hey guys, I'm in Montana, is anything happening in LA? #themindyproject

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The show’s extremely loyal fan also let their feelings be known on Twitter.

And as the news spread, E! Online posted a commentary called “Pssst, Hulu! Here's Why Saving The Mindy Project Would Be the Smartest Thing Ever.”

E! even suggested this hashtag: #HuluSaveMindy.

“The Mindy Project is, hands down, the best comedy on TV. Don't argue, it's rude. And it was just as good at the rom as it was at the com, and there probably won't be another show like it on TV again,” E! argues.

Read the rest of its argument here.