Actress Ellen Albertini Dow, 'The Wedding Singer' rapping granny, dies at 101

Actress Ellen Albertini Dow, who rapped in the movie “The Wedding Singer,” died on Monday.
Actress Ellen Albertini Dow, who rapped in the movie “The Wedding Singer,” died on Monday. New Line Cinema

Ellen Albertini Dow didn’t start her screen career until late in life. But when she did she created one of our favorite movie moments –performing “Rapper’s Delight” in the 1998 Adam Sandler movie “The Wedding Singer.”

Dow died Monday at the age of 101, her agent Juliet Green told Deadline.

In “The Wedding Singer” she enthusiastically rapped the Sugarhill Gang classic.

The LAPC Theatre Department at Pierce College in Los Angeles, founded by Dow’s husband, announced her death Monday on its Facebook page.

“Today the LAPC Theatre Department lost the matriarch of its family. It is with great sadness that we report the news that Mrs. Ellen Albertini Dow (the widow of Eugene Dow, founder of the LAPC Theatre Department), passed away this afternoon,” reads the tribute.

“Mrs. Dow was also a theatre instructor (primarily teaching children's and musical theatre) at Pierce College for many years. She directed our original production of ‘The Fantasticks’ in the late 60s, and we honored her with our remounting of the musical in the fall of 2014.

“She donated $150,000 to our theatre department in 2005 to fund substantial improvements to our black box theatre space. At that time the theatre was named ‘The Eugene Francis & Ellen Albertini Dow Arena Theatre’ in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Dow, both of whom did so much for our department over the years.

“Mr. and Mrs. Dow had no children, but she did have many nieces and nephews, most of whom live in Pennsylvania, where she grew up.”

According to IMDB, she was the longest-lived actor in "Star Trek" history. Dow played Beverly Crusher's grandmother in “Star Trek: The Next Generation: Sub Rosa” in 1994.

Her work also included roles in the “The Twilight Zone” movie in the 1980s, the “Sister Act” movies and several stints on TV shows including “Murphy Brown, “The Golden Girls,” “The Wonder Years,” “My Name is Earl,” and “New Girl.”

She actually sang in a couple of scenes in “The Wedding Singer.” And though people will talk mostly about her enthusiastic rapping, she also sang this sweet, sweet song.