Only in ‘Murica: Patriotic Sizzler promo from 1991 is viral hit

This is a Sizzler promo?
This is a Sizzler promo? YouTube

Some days the Internet leaves us scratching and shaking our head. Today is one of those days as a promotional video for Sizzler restaurants, made way back in 1991, has become the day’s viral sensation.

How anyone found this piece of red, white and blue schlock languishing in cyberspace seems a mystery.

It’s more than four minutes of over-the-top scenes of Americana – a little girl playing baseball, a dog chasing a Frisbee, a cowboy flirting with his gal, a sailor wooing his girl in front of a big ship, construction workers checking out a blueprint.

“Sizzler is the one who brings us choices. Reachin’ out across the U.S.A.,” sings the chorus. “Get a little freedom in your life.”

This thing is so over-the-top patriotic that you’ll want to drape yourself in an American flag and go running through the streets screaming “U.S.A! U.S.A!”

Or, you’ll want to dig into a big ol’ pile of steak just to get that taste of treacle out of your mouth.

Those Sizzler geniuses.