Chris Rock’s police stop selfies stir up controversy

Chris Rock

If you’re following comedian Chris Rock on Twitter, you’ll know that in the past two months, he has been pulled over by the police three times.

Each time, he’s posted a selfie to WhoSay, a social celebrity magazine. One time, he was a passenger in the car.

March 30

Feb. 27

Feb. 13

Rock doesn’t add any commentary to these posts. We don’t know if he was ever ticketed. He has not discussed his interactions with the police.

But The Washington Post put the tweets in context of how often people are stopped by police while driving.

“The chance that police stop a typical American driver in a given year is about 10 percent, according to federal data,” the Post reports.

The story goes on to cite a study by KU professors Charles Epp and Steven Maynard-Moody on traffic stops in Kansas City.

“They conducted a survey of 2,329 drivers in Kansas City, and found that police were equally likely to pull over black and white drivers for traffic violations. Investigatory stops were the reason that blacks were pulled over more frequently. A typical black man under the age of 25 had a 28 percent chance per year of being stopped without having broken the rules of the road, compared to 12.5 percent for a white man of the same age with similar driving habits.”

At least it seems like Rock followed his own advice based on this skit, in which he offers rules to follow during encounters with police. One of them is “When you see flashing police lights in your mirror, stop immediately.” His fans shared their concern for him.

Actor Isaiah Washington, however, had his own advice for Rock that led to a CNN interview. #DWB stands for Driving While Black.

It led to an interesting conversation with Michael Eric Dyson, a Georgetown professor.