Watch: New trailer for ‘Poltergeist’ remake – they’re still here

“They’re here!” And there appear to be a lot of them in the upcoming “Poltergeist” remake.
“They’re here!” And there appear to be a lot of them in the upcoming “Poltergeist” remake. YouTube

The new trailer for the reworked version of “Poltergeist” makes one thing clear. That poor little girl still can’t stay away from the TV.

But this time, it’s HD.

The storyline will look familiar to anyone who saw the original 1982 classic directed by Tobe Hooper and produced by Steven Spielberg.

There’s still a family (Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt as the parents) trying to save their little girl from the evil spirits in their nice, suburban home.

There’s still a paranormal expert (Jared Harris of “Mad Men”) trying to help.

And, there’s another scary clown puppet.

We’re not the only ones wondering the point of remaking a movie that frankly doesn’t need retooling.

“There should be a law that Hollywood has to wait 40 years to remake movies that didn't suck,” wrote one commenter on i09com.

And in this case, why tempt fate, or the evil spirits?

Screen Crush reminds us that this franchise, three movies in all, is said to be cursed.

The little actress, Heather O’Rourke, who spoke the famous “they’re here” line in the original movie died six years after the movie came out at the age of 12 during surgery.

And three other people connected to the movie, according to Screen Crush, met early deaths, too. Some folks believe that bad karma was conjured when the prop department used real skeletons and not plastic props in a key scene in the first movie.

Alrighty then.

“Poltergeist” circa 2015 hits theaters May 22.