Trump commits a cardinal sin of golf, but hey, he does own the course

The man who just drove that cart onto a golf green is the president of the United States. That’s a no-no in golf, but he owns the place, so ...
The man who just drove that cart onto a golf green is the president of the United States. That’s a no-no in golf, but he owns the place, so ... Twitter screengrab

It’s good to be the president, or to own your own golf course.

Because then you can break the rules of golf etiquette and all anyone can do is grouse about it on social media.

Exhibit A: President Donald Trump.

A video that popped up on Twitter Thursday — and that quickly went viral — shows the commander in chief committing a cardinal sin of golf.

Thou shalt not drive a golf cart onto a perfectly manicured golf green because man, those wheels can really mess up the grass and the way the ball rolls for putts.

Trump did it. And now he’s “under investigation for obstruction of golf etiquette,” says the snarky chatter with a video of the offense posted to YouTube.

The video, originally posted on Twitter by user Mike Frank, shows Trump driving a cart onto a green at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., on the weekend of June 9, according to the New York Daily News.

Keepers of the game who examined the video like it was the Zapruder (JFK assassination) film penalized the president.

“This is a no-no no matter who you are — even if you’re the president and even if you own the place,” chided the Golf Channel.

“While it’s tough to tell exactly where the putting surface begins and ends, at the bare minimum he is well beyond the acceptable distance from the green.”

Golfweek warned its followers that unless you own the place, don’t do this.

“To be clear, it doesn’t appear Trump drove across the green out of any feelings of frustration,” it wrote. “If anything, this seems to be about convenience, and remember that it’s Trump’s club. The etiquette handbook may not love this, but you don’t have to follow etiquette to the letter when you’re the owner.

“Whatever the case, it looks like the green is just fine. A reminder, though: Unless you are the club owner, probably best to keep your cart off the green if you want to avoid trouble.”

Other people, more worried about health care and North Korea and police shootings and stuff like that wondered: Why are we talking about this?

And oh, how the snark flowed. Slate put out a call for proof of other Trump transgressions on the greens.

“If you have footage of Trump moving his golf ball with his shoe or taking upwards of four mulligans on a single hole, please send it to and to special counsel Robert Mueller,” wrote Slate, which cheekily called the incident “the most monstrous act of this or any other presidency.”

Whether people thought this was a big deal or not seemed to depend on whether they #MAGA or not.

And by MAGA, we mean Make America Golf Again.