Oh, Baby: People really hated ABC’s ‘Dirty Dancing’ remake

Don’t drop me!
Don’t drop me! ABC

ABC should have left Baby in the corner.

On Wednesday, the network managed to do what no politician has been able to do since our divisive election in November: It united the country.

The scorn was nearly universal for the remake of the 1987 classic “Dirty Dancing.”

The new version starred Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes as Baby Houseman and Johnny Castle in the roles originated by Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

The paid critics savaged it – a “sad, strange production,” wrote The Atlantic.

But viewers scorched it in real time on Twitter with epic enthusiasm, leaving nothing left but ashes.

One scene in particular — the famous dance lift — left people low. They preferred the version in that funny UnitedHealthcare commercial, which aired toward the end of the movie. Ouch.

What would the late great Swayze think, fans wondered?

You liked this? You lie!

To sum up ...

Oh, P.S.: About that new ending? No, no, no.