‘Cash me ousside’ teen train wreck could make $50,000 a night to mock people on tour

Danielle Bregoli, the teen famous for saying “cash me ousside” on the “Dr. Phil” show, is set to take her rude act on the road.
Danielle Bregoli, the teen famous for saying “cash me ousside” on the “Dr. Phil” show, is set to take her rude act on the road. Danielle Bregoli

In America, there’s a price to pay for being a rude, unruly teenager.

You get your own national tour and get paid to mock other people.

Danielle Bregoli, the 14-year-old who famously challenged members of a “Dr. Phil” audience to “cash me ousside” and fight, is taking her act on the road.

According to TMZ, Danielle has signed a tour deal with Live Nation and could make as much as $50,000 an appearance if the shows sell out. The first two shows — characterized as tryouts for a possible national tour — are scheduled for July 8 in Fort Lauderdale and July 9 in Houston.

Danielle has rock-star tastes, for sure.

Here are her tour demands, per TMZ: nothing less than 4-star hotels; three fidget spinners; five Gildan or Fruit of the Loom brand white tank tops – “ABSOLUTELY NO HANES BRAND”; four large Domino’s pizzas; one fruit platter but no pineapple, and a 50-inch TV with Netflix and DVD player for viewing Paris Hilton in “House of Wax.”

British tabloid The Sun, trying to explain to its readers why Danielle is so famous in America, referred to her last week as “quite the little menace.”

She found fame when she and her mom appeared on “The Dr. Phil Show” in September in an episode about parents and their out-of-control teenagers.

When the audience turned on sullen, belligerent Danielle, she challenged the “whores” in the audience to fight in her now-famous catchphrase: “Cash me ousside, howbow dat.”

She picked up that kind of talking from the streets, she has said. Danielle reportedly quit going to school after seventh grade.

Thanks to Dr. Phil, she’s famous now.

Thanks, Dr. Phil.

Danielle now has 9.8 million Instagram followers, has made five figures to meet and greet fans, appeared in a rap video, launched a YouTube channel where her first videos have each scooped up 1 million-plus views, will star in an upcoming reality show and has a brawl outside a bar and on a plane under her belt. (She’s been banned for life from Spirit Airlines.)

Danielle also high-tailed it out of her hometown of Boynton Beach, Fla., and headed to Hollywood. She has a bodyguard, too.

Danielle has been one busy bee.

But what could she possibly do on tour that people would pay to see?

TMZ reports her act is three-pronged: lip synching and rapping to her favorite songs, doing a Q & A with the audience — presumably no “whores” allowed — and then roasting select audience members on stage.

She’s an insult factory, for sure, and has proved she can hold her own.

She got into an Instagram fight a few days ago with comedian David Spade after he posted a photo of them meeting. He joked that her fame had passed.

She shot back: “No lie, I thought dis guy was the waiter.”


No lie, I thought dis guy was the waiter

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Her YouTube video roasting the fashion of the famous and well-heeled attendees of the Met Gala in New York with F-bomb after F-bomb has been watched more than 4 million times.

“If any celebrities feelings were hurt in the making of this video, good,” Danielle wrote in the video’s description.

It’s like standing frozen on the tracks and watching the train getting closer and closer and closer, isn’t it?