Mike Huckabee criticized for Cinco de Mayo plan to ‘watch old Speedy Gonzales cartoons’

A Mike Huckabee tweet about Cinco de Mayo on Friday made people angry.
A Mike Huckabee tweet about Cinco de Mayo on Friday made people angry.

Early Friday morning, the official Twitter account of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee announced his Cinco de Mayo plans.

“For Cinco de Mayo I will drink an entire jar of hot salsa and watch old Speedy Gonzales cartoons and speak Spanish all day. Happy CdMayo!” it read.


Was Huckabee hacked, people wondered and even hoped, though no statement had been issued to that effect by early Friday afternoon.

Yahoo just pointed out last month that Huckabee knows “his Twitter witticisms elicit eye rolls and groans” and “he just doesn’t care.

“The two-time presidential candidate’s 140-character comedy show frequently pops up in Twitter feeds of journalists and political operatives, inspiring professional critiques and even a Jimmy Kimmel skit, along with countless pleas to give his thumbs a rest.

“His shtick consists of corny (and sometimes confusing) quips regarding various current events. Among other things, his freewheeling tweets have referred to Snoop Dogg as “Poop Dogg,” compared Senate Democrats to turkeys he’s hunted, and equated Comcast service, unfavorably, with the Obama administration.”

Twitter didn’t wait to find out if the Cinco de Mayo tweet was real. It dragged him hard.

“Mike Huckabeee has a Cinco de Mayo plan that has people hotter than a bottle of Tapatio,” snarked TMZ.

People shaking their heads, in fury, recalled the most questionable Cinco de Mayo tweet from last year.

Huckabee’s daughter, deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, led the daily White House briefing on Friday and gave a shout-out to Cinco de Mayo.