Oh, deer! Instagram is fawning over new ‘Bambi pose’

Stylist Bridget Bahl, editor of, does the “Bambi pose.”
Stylist Bridget Bahl, editor of, does the “Bambi pose.” Instagram

This is how a trend starts.

A few famous and sorta-famous women pose in their bathing suits while kneeling, grab a lot of compliments on Instagram for their comely selves and bam!

Suddenly everyone’s doing the “Bambi pose.”

Bambi — the original

“These days all of our favourite Insta babes are posing like Bambi. Yep, the cartoon deer from the classic (kind of depressing) children’s film,” writes Glamour magazine. “It’s cute and versatile, what’s not to love? Just kneel down and think of Disney.”

Yeah, well, we’ve never seen Disney “babes” Cinderella or Belle posing like this.


@laquan_smith even has me together at the pool

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Apparently there exist numerous variations of the Bambi, including the hands-on-hip/modified-deer-repose twist.


my swimsuit knows @newlookfashion

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The pose is getting a fair amount of ink this week. (Cosmpolitan, we’re blaming you.)

“Let’s admit it though, it’s a very flattering and sexy pose. The duck face definitely needed an upgrade, anyways,” pronounced lifestyle website Vix.

According to Glamour, “there are only three acceptable locations for Bambi pose — the pool, the beach or a grassy meadow.”

Here’s model Bella Hadid being Bambi in a grassy meadow.

We could swear we’ve seen this pose before.

Oh, deer.

Oh, bunny.

Just put us out of our misery now.