Yes, internet, Jason Sudeikis does smoke weed … when it’s legal

Jason Sudeikis answers the internet’s most-asked questions with Anne Hathaway in a new video from
Jason Sudeikis answers the internet’s most-asked questions with Anne Hathaway in a new video from

KC’s Jason Sudeikis, out promoting the monster movie “Colossal” with co-star Anne Hathaway, took some time to answer the internet’s most searched questions about him for

The full video, posted Monday, is at the end of the text, as is the trailer for the film.

We’ve saved you some time by transcribing the most interesting Sudeikis’ questions and answers below. You’re welcome.

(“Colossal,” by the way, is scheduled to open locally April 21.)

Also, click here to see Sudeikis eating South Carolina barbecue on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” Also, he’ll be back in town for the annual Big Slick fundraiser in June, and here are the details on that.

Q: Does Jason Sudeikis smoke weed?

“Sure. Sure. When it’s legal. For medicinal purposes.”

Q: Does Jason Sudeikis have the virus?

“The weed smoking virus? Yeah. That’s why I have to smoke it.”

Q: Does Jason Sudeikis play drums?

“Yes, but not well. I’m not a drummer, but I own a drum kit.”

Q: What is Jason Sudeikis’ first movie?

“The first movie I ever did was ‘Alien Avengers 2.’ It was a Roger Corman production. I made, like, $3,000, and I spent it all in the first week.”

Q: What hair products does Jason Sudeikis use?

“Only one. Two, if you count water. American Crew. The green stuff.”

Q: Did Jason Sudeikis go to KU?

“No. I wear the shorts. I’m from Kansas. I support the basketball team. I’m jockeying for an honorary degree.”

Q: Did Jason Sudeikis do an Applebee’s commercial?

“Yes, I did. For a while, I was the voice of Applebee’s. It was fun.”

Q: Where did Jason Sudeikis go to high school?

“I went to Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Missouri, and then I moved on to Shawnee Mission West. A public school on the Kansas side, which I graduated from eventually in the summer. I failed English.”

Q: Is Jason Sudeikis a Republican?


Q: Is Jason Sudeikis in “The Hangover”?

“No, you’re thinking of Bradley Cooper.”

Q: Is Jason Sudeikis Lithuanian?

“Yes. My last name is Lithuanian. I don’t know much about the culture, unfortunately.”

Q: Is Jason Sudeikis in Mumford and Sons?

“No, but I was in the video for ‘Hopeless Wanderer.’ Me, and Ed Helms and Will Forte and Jason Bateman.”

At the end of the session, Hathaway says, “I really thought I knew you better than I apparently do.”

“This is why the Internet’s a good thing,” Sudeikis says. “This is maybe one of the only reasons.”

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