Joan Baez releases Trump ‘Nasty Man’ song and gets in rock Hall of Fame in same week

Joan Baez has written a new protest song called “Nasty Man” about President Donald Trump.
Joan Baez has written a new protest song called “Nasty Man” about President Donald Trump. Facebook

Legendary folk singer Joan Baez will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Friday with a new song under her belt.

Her latest protest song is called “Nasty Man.” And it’s about President Donald Trump.

It begins like this: “Here’s a little song / about a man gone wrong.”

It ends like this: “When the dirt on this man / Finally hits the fan / And no one gives a damn about his tweets / He’ll be finally and forever obsolete.”

Baez, 76, posted a video of the song on her Facebook page Tuesday.

She told Rolling Stone that it’s “not a good song, but it will make people laugh.”

By Friday, the clip had attracted more than 3 million views and nearly 70,000 shares.

Though Baez symbolized protest music with her civil rights activism and anti-war voice in the ’60s, she knows she’s virtually unknown to the Twitter generation.

“A lot of young people don’t recognize me, so they’re scratching their heads,” she told Rolling Stone in February. “I don’t say, ‘Ask your parents.’ I say, ‘Go Google me.’ These connections get made.”

She said there’s not enough protest music out there right now — people just can’t keep singing “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “We Shall Overcome” over and again.

“There needs to be more. It’s terribly important, because that’s what keeps the spirit,” she said. Carping and shouting, as much as it gets stuff off your chest in front of 100,000, you really need something uplifting. That’s hard to do in a speech if you’re angry.”

Jackson Browne will induct Baez into the Hall of Fame ceremony Friday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The six other inductees are Journey, Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur, Yes, ELO and Nile Rodgers.

Alicia Keys, Mary Chapin Carpenter and the Indigo Girls will perform, and Lenny Kravitz will give a special tribute to Prince.

HBO will broadcast the ceremony at 7 p.m. Central Time on April 29.