White House releases official portrait of first lady Melania Trump

First Lady Melania Trump’s official portrait.
First Lady Melania Trump’s official portrait. The White House

The White House released its official portrait of first lady Melania Trump on Monday.

She posed in front of an arched window “in her new residence at the White House,” according to the official statement.

The picture was taken by an Agence France-Presse photographer, Regine Mahaux, according to the photo credit.

The former fashion model was photographed from the waist up in a somber black jacket with a black embellished scarf around the neck. The photo accompanies Trump’s official bio on the White House web site.

It has invited mixed comments.

“It is … something,” writes New York magazine. “While Trump herself - decked out in an all-black ensemble and two diamond rings - looks perfectly fine, the photo is so heavily edited that it’s hard to focus on anything else.

“The portrait has some serious 1992-school-picture-day vibes, complete with so much blurring effect, it’s amazing the First Lady has any discernible features at all. Add in the fuzzed-out White House windows in the background, and you’ve got yourself the backdrop for a retro music video, and the foundation for an easy meme.”

In 2009, some people - largely Republicans - criticized first lady Michelle Obama when she showed off her toned arms in a sleeveless dress for her first official portrait.

Trump’s arms-covered portrait invited comment about her eye-popping accessory: The huge diamond ring on her left hand.

There appears no consensus on how big a piece of ice that is - anywhere from 15 to 25 carats, depending on whose jewelry loupe you believe.