‘Someone get me some bug spray.’ Adele battles beetles on stage

The match in New Zealand: Adele vs. beetles. Guess who won?
The match in New Zealand: Adele vs. beetles. Guess who won? Twitter

What is it with Adele and the animal kingdom?

Last fall at a concert in Mexico a bat flew into the arena audience and she freaked out when she saw it.

Flapping her arms on stage she yelled, “there’s a bat!”

Earlier this month she lost it over a mosquito in Australia. “I'm sorry, I'm not Australian, I don't like bugs! It was sucking my blood, it was sucking my blood!” she screamed. “They’re trying to kill me!”

Thursday night, the beetles came after her.

At a concert in Auckland, New Zealand, the British songstress suddenly dropped to the stage floor in her glittery gown when she felt something on her leg.

“It was nibbling on my ankle, that (bleep)hole!” she told the laughing audience.

One fan videotaped the flurry of f-bombs that came next.

“Ok so excuse swearing but oh my goodness. Adele vs a HUGE beetle on stage tonight. God love this women, she's the best,” the fan tweeted.

This video is most definitely NSFW because, well, it’s potty-mouthed Adele.

Adele resisted the urge to smash the “(freaking) bastard” with her shoe because “the animal people will be called,” she joked.

As she untangled herself from her dress and microphone wires to stand back up she apologized for showing fans more than they paid for. “Hang on. Gonna flash me tummy, my Spanx and knickers,” she said.

Ever the pro, though, she made peace with her winged assailants, even offering them her mic.

Noted London’s Mirror tabloid: “The beetle has yet to comment.”