You’ve gotta be kitten me: New cologne aims to make you smell like cat fur

Here, kitty, kitty. Demeter Fragrance Library has created a new perfume that smells like kitten fur.
Here, kitty, kitty. Demeter Fragrance Library has created a new perfume that smells like kitten fur.

There is a huge leap between wanting to breathe in that warm scent of your cuddly little kitten — and wanting to smell like a cat.

This company just made that leap.

Long Island-based Demeter Fragrance Library, a perfume house founded in 1993 known for creating scents that smell like everyday things, has released a new cologne called Kitten Fur.

“Now after 15 years of effort, Demeter has captured the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort of that purrfect spot, just behind a kitten’s neck,” the company says on its website.

“A fragrance that truly purrs.”

Kitten Fur joins the company’s stable of oddball fragrances that command a cult-like following among fragrance fans — funeral home, paperback books (with just a “touch of the musty smell”), hot buttery waffles, sushi, gin and tonic, dirt and thunderstorms. (Smells like rain, you say?)

The company’s first fragrance was Fresh Water.

In 2008 Demeter partnered with Hasbro to make a Play-Doh eau de putty parfum for the iconic toy’s 50th anniversary.

Two years ago beauty editors couldn’t get their hands on one of the company’s newest fragrances fast enough. It had a creepy name, Baby’s Head, and just like Kitten Fur, took years for the company to nail.

A blind “sniff test” at the offices of Allure magazine found it smelled like “powder,” “old-school body splash” and “my grandma.”

Last year sports bloggers went a little nutty over a limited-edition Demeter fragrance issued in time for the U.S. Open.

Fuzzy Balls smelled like fresh tennis balls.

Balls are one thing. But kittens?

“Will this cologne make cats more attracted to you? Will this cologne make dogs want to chase you?” wonders Rebekah Valentine, a beauty blogger at Culturess who has decided to go with one of the company’s canine creations instead. “In spite of my own curiosity, I will not be purchasing Kitten Fur cologne from Demeter, though I’m a bit disappointed that they don’t have a proper ‘Puppy Fur’ counterpart.

“Instead, we’ll have to settle for ‘Zombie Dog,’ a fragrance which … dear God, there can’t be anyone who has a good thing to say about the smell of death, decay, and wet dog fur.”