‘The audacity of taupe’: Barack Obama wears a tan suit, world shocked

Did President Barack Obama’s tan suit deserve so much attention at yesterday’s press conference, where he addressed the crisis in Ukraine and Syria?

Yeah, that’s not what we’re here to answer.

We’re here because #YesWeTan became a Twitter hashtag; because somehow, Obama broke some kind of unspoken fashion rule at White House press conferences; and because there are lots of witty people out there witting-up this fashion moment. Oh, and apparently in 2012, Obama told Vanity Fair that "you'll see I wear only gray or blue suits" because he doesn’t want to make more decisions than he has to.

Of course, someone created the @baracktansuit Twitter account, but it doesn’t have nearly the following of Angelina Jolie’s right leg, which spawned several accounts after it was the star of the 2012 Oscars.

So, for your Friday enjoyment, here goes:

This Atlantic Wire piece pretty much sums up what happened:

We give the Best Headline award to Yahoo news:

In one large corner, the haters:

But Los Angeles Times decided the suit was a win:

Plus, he’s apparently worn it before:

The requisite: Who wore it best?

And finally, finally, POTUS gets a taste of the life of FLOTUS Michelle Obama:

The requisite, part II: It could have been worse — see former president Ronald Reagan (granted, he wasn’t giving a press conference, we don’t think).

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