The Week That Was: ‘The Last Jedi,’ Mary Tyler Moore and alternative facts


Huzzah! Alternative fact: The Week That Was is the most important journalism you’ll read on today.


Hmmmm. Disney announces “Episode VIII” of “Star Wars” will be called “The Last Jedi,” and a nerd debate immediately erupts over whether Jedi is singular or plural. Come on, you guys. Obviously, it’s singular because Kylo Ren will kill off Rey. Duh.


Horrors! Congrats to Amy Adams and Tom Hanks on their Oscar nominations! Oh, hold it. Wait. No, that’s not right. ABC had you incorrectly listed as nominees on So never mind and have a seat over there next to not-Miss Universe Miss Colombia. Steve Harvey sends his condolences.


Horrors! R.I.P., Mary Tyler Moore, who took many nothing days and suddenly made them all seem worthwhile.


Hmmmm. The CW’s grimdark “Riverdale” is the Archie Comics TV adaptation we need right now, but not the one we deserve.


Huzzah! The treacly dog reincarnation story “A Dog’s Purpose” opens. And while that might be too much for the feels, the studios also are resurrecting all the Oscar nominees in theaters. Do yourself a favor and see “Arrival” — now with eight whole minutes of unseen footage!