Booty bounty: Taylor Swift, Siberian twerkers and NSFW Nicki Minaj

This is how they twerk in Siberia.
This is how they twerk in Siberia. YouTube

So, does this mean the butt is back? New videos by Taylor Swift, a group of Russian twerkers and a very naughty Nicki Minaj have unleashed a bumper crop of booty on the world.

Swift’s video for the first single off her “first documented, official pop album,” came out on Monday. And within hours, “Shake It Off” generated controversy over scenes that show black backup dancers twerking around her while she’s dressed like a wannabe rapper with gold chains around her neck.


Everyone knows Swift can’t dance – she’s clearly having fun mocking herself in the video – so maybe she should sign up for lessons at Fraules Dancing Centre in Siberia, which apparently is the new twerking capital of the world.

The dancers there are so good that choreographers for superstars like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce have visited to find out the secret.

The school skyrocketed to global fame with the release of a video featuring its comely founder Elena Yatkina and some of her equally-blessed students.

As they dream of escaping the Siberian cold, their dancing gets hotter and hotter, their clothing skimpier and skimpier.

The video has scooped up more than 30 million hits.

Minaj quickly grabbed more than 2 million hits after releasing the video for her single, “Anaconda,” late Tuesday night.

Do not watch it at work unless you want to get sent straight to H.R.

Final warning! NSFW